What's a CyborgCamp?

CyborgCamps are small, in-depth unconferences about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. Attendees discuss a variety of topics such as the futures of identity, privacy, surveillance, hardware to wetware, drones, 3D printing, cyberpunk, human augmentation, constructed reality, the second self, ethics, robot rights, sexuality, urban design, and anthropology. Topics are discussed the morning of the conference and scheduled into the conference grid by attendees themselves, making it a DIY conference experience.

In addition to the above topics, the following has been discussed at CyborgCamps around the world: cyborgs, wearables, prosthetics, sensors, control systems, assistive tech, transcendence, transhumanism, technological singularity, artificial intelligence, intelligence amplification, utopia / distopia / weird topia, identity, quantified self, exocortex, ubicomp, robots, sensory augmentation, steam punk, philosophy, ethics, intelligence, the borg, hackerspaces, telepresence, science fiction, DIY, cryonics, cybernetics, open source, nanotech, augmented reality, brain-computer interface, artificial life, functional electrical stimulation, and neural science. Each CyborgCamp has its own mix of topics created by what the attendees want to discuss. All CyborgCamps follow a code-of-conduct.

CyborgCamp Overview

CyborgCamps are Small CyborgCamps generally have less than 100 attendees, making it easier to have more in depth discussions with people across different fields. The small format increases the chances getting to really know your fellow attendees.
CyborgCamps are Diverse Every CyborgCamp welcome people from different backgrounds, including social, business, academic and trade-related. Just as cyborg studies sit at the crossroads of multiple academic disciplines, we like to invite people at the crossroads of different disciplines and boundaries as well.
CyborgCamps are Designed by Attendees At CyborgCamp, attendees make the conference. Some attendees come prepared with ideas of what they want to talk about, and others come to listen and learn. Some attendees have relevant experience and prepared talks, and others just have a woolly idea needing discussion. At the start of the conference, attendees write their ideas up on a board and the conference begins!

Upcoming CyborgCamp: CyborgCamp MIT 2014!


When: through at
Where: 3rd Floor of the MIT Media Lab, 75 Amherst St., Cambridge, MA, US, 02139.

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CyborgCamp aims to be an affordable unconference, but we also aim to provide a number of scholarship tickets to current MIT students.
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CyborgCamp History

CyborgCamp started in 2008. Some of the first speakers were wiki-inventor, Ward Cunningham, interaction designer Bill DeRouchey, and Hideshi Hamaguchi, inventor of the USB drive. Since then, CyborgCamps have been held all over the US and Canada. Want to bring CyborgCamp to your city? You can Host Your Own CyborgCamp.

Past Events:

CyborgCamp Portland 2008 PDX 2008.
CyborgCamp Portland 2010 PDX 2008.
CyborgCamp Seattle 2012 SEA 2012.
CyborgCamp Vancouver BC 2013 YVR 2013.

Not pictured: Toronto '12, PDX '12. You can see Previous CyborgCamps, most recently the 2012 CyborgCampVancouverBC2013, and the main CyborgCampPDX2012.

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