Thanks to CyborgCamp’s Media Partners!

FuturePrairie Podcast
FuturePrairie will run a tea bar at CyborgCamp! They are looking for participants to interview about the future!

FuturePrairie is a podcast about futurism run by Joni Whitworth. The show interviews scientists, creatives and techies about the future. You can read more about the project here: and hear the latest episodes on iTunes or SoundCloud here: Check out @FuturePrairie on Twitter for more!

Blaze Streaming Media
Blaze Streaming Media delivers Internet video production to the event industry and is one of the original livestream providers for CyborgCamp! We’re so excited to have the team back and Livestreaming the event! If you’re looking for an awesoem livestreaming team, consider hiring Blaze Streaming! They’re done amazing work for O’Reilly and other large conferences!

Blaze Streaming:

Silicon Florist!
Silicon Florist is a long running tech-focused blog about Portland tech.
Check it out for news and job postings! You can contribute to the Patreon here: