CyborgCamp 2018

Keynote Presentation Videos

Amber Case – An introduction to Calm Technology

Stephanie Mendoza – Mixed reality, VR art and accessible VR

Shashi Jain – 3D printing for the world

Jeff Brown – robotic growing and food activism

Professor Deborah Heath – Cyborgs, Food and Anthropology

Keynote Speech and Performance Myles de Bastion

Should I quit social media? CyborgCamp Portland Breakout Session #2

10 Closing Speaker Amber Case

CyborgCamp MIT 2014


Keynote Presentation Videos

Amber Case

Deb Chachra

Chris Dancy

Breakout Session videos to come soon!

CyborgCamp 2013, Vancouver, BC

CyborgCamp 2008, Portland, Oregon

December 7, 2008 “Afterhours: Strange Love Live on location Cyborg Camp”