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    Announcing the Presenters and Performers for CyborgCamp 2018! 

    We’d like to thank the 12 local speakers and performers helping bring CyborgCamp to life!


    1. Stephanie Mendoza, VR art, development and activism (morning speaker)
    2. Shashi Jain, 3D printing (morning speaker)
    3. Reese Bowes, experimental DJing, sound design, and percussion (pre-party performance)
    4. Erin Cooper, experimental music (pre-party performance)
    5. Myles de Bastion, deaf musician and interaction designer (morning speaker and performer)
    6. Deborah Heath, Anthropology professor, cyborg anthropology midwife, biodynamic food researcher (morning speaker)
    7. Dave Moiser, artist 3D scanning (pre-party and CyborgCamp daytime 3D scanning)
    8. Jeff Brown, food activist, robotic growing enthusiast, restaurateur, food sponsor (morning speaker)
    9. Body Shame, solo experimental music performer (pre-party performer)
    10. Amber Case, CyborgCamp founder, cyborg anthropologist and author of Calm Technology (morning speaker)
    11. EddyEddyEddy, experimental music duo (pre-party performance)
    12. Klint Finley, writer, journalist, and game designer (morning speaker)

    On the fence about going? There are still a few tickets left! Can’t go? Consider sponsoring low income attendees by buying a couple of tickets! The cost is only $20, and you’ll be helping someone out!

    Thank you to our Sponsors!

    So many people and organizations made it possible for this year’s CyborgCamp!


    Thank you so much to the Future Prairie podcast, Urban Farmer, Blaze Streaming Media, Make+Think+Code Lab, PNCA, Silicon Florist and the Mozilla Foundation!

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    Announcing Interaction Designer, Deaf Musican and CymaSpace founder Myles de Bastion as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp! 


    We’re excited to confirm that Myles de Bastion will be performing and giving a talk at CyborgCamp!

    Myles de Bastion is an Artistic Director, Musician and Creative-altruist who develops technology and art installations that enables sound to be experienced as light and vibration. His work has appeared in the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland Art Museum, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. He has built large format installations for music festivals and Grammy-award winning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding.

    A dual citizen of the UK and the United States, Myles grew up in England obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from University of Teesside (UK), focusing on computer science & visual art and was the chairman of the Musician’s Society for two years.

    Myles often mentors Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing youth. He has taught workshops at Washington School for the Deaf (WA) Crestone School (OR) Austine School for the Deaf (VT) and at the world’s first Deaf Music Camp (MI), where he developed the curriculum and was responsible for the music and sound program.

    In 2012 Myles moved to Portland OR and founded CymaSpace, a non-profit that facilitates arts & cultural events that are inclusive of the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing, where Myles further developed his immersive technological and artistic works across multiple mediums. In 2015 Myles took his concepts into the commercial sector and founded Audiolux Devices, a technology company that now produces professional products featuring the synergy of light and sound.

    In 2018 Myles spearheaded the Northwest Deaf Arts Festival (OR) providing Artistic & Technical Direction. At the event he also performed and presented The ikigai Machine; a multimedia experience comprising of a visual narrative with interactive art installations juxtaposed with live performances. The work tells the story of an inventor born in a silent world that has no air, the inventor builds a machine to restores air and in turn, helps to world to discover sound for the first time. Myles is developing The Ikigai Machine into a full, feature-length, touring production with the aim of presenting and performing at disability hubs and art institutions throughout the nation.

    In tandem with his work at CymaSpace, Myles has received awards and support from Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon Cultural Foundation and Randall Charitable Trust.

    Myles continues to live in Portland with his partner Kimberly and CODA daughters Zebra & Juniper. You can learn more about Myles and his work here.

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    Calm Technology at CyborgCamp Portland! 

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be bringing my speech on Calm Technology home to Portland, Oregon at CyborgCamp this year. I’ve taken it on the road for 3 years, and I’m excited to kick off the morning’s events with a 20 minute talk on human time, machine time, culture and automation.

    Designing Calm Technology
    Our world is made of information that competes for our attention. What is needed? What is not? We cannot interact with our everyday life in the same way we interact with a desktop computer. The terms calm computing and calm technology were coined in 1995 by PARC Researchers Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown in reaction to the increasing complexities that information technologies were creating. Calm technology describes a state of technological maturity where a user’s primary task is not computing, but being human. The idea behind Calm Technology is to have smarter people, not things. Technology shouldn’t require all of our attention, just some of it, and only when necessary.

    How can our devices take advantage of location, proximity and haptics to help improve our lives instead of get in the way? How can designers can make apps “ambient” while respecting privacy and security? This talk will cover how to use principles of Calm Technology to design the next generation of connected devices. We’ll look at notification styles, compressing information into other senses, and designing for the least amount of cognitive overhead.

    You can learn more about Calm Technology at calmtech.com.

    Amber Case by OLMO CALVO for El Mundo and TELOS.

    Calm Technology author and CyborgCamp founder Amber Case by OLMO CALVO for El Mundo and TELOS.

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    Jeff Brown to Speak at CyborgCamp Portland! 

    We’re excited to announce that local restauranteur and entrepreneur Jeff Brown will be speaking at CyborgCamp! Jeff will be speaking about how AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Robotics relates to food. He will also be providing a delicious and healthy lunch for all attendees and volunteers!


    About Jeff

    Jeff Brown is committed to responsible stewardship of resources, driving innovation, and preserving the human element of hospitality. In his role as GM of Food & Beverage for Sage Restaurant Group, Jeff oversees Urban Farmer and Departure Restaurant and Lounge at The Nines Hotel, a LEED certified property in Portland, OR. He loves teaching and using technology to provide an enhanced guest experience.

    Jeff’s passion for food transparency and creating sustainable food systems has led him to collaborate with a more diverse set of academics and scientists to better understand food for tomorrow. Jeff and his team have an indoor mushroom incubator, a rooftop garden, and an apiary, and he has built out an underground food lab below the hotel where there are over 100 different types of plants, vegetables, and fruits grown in aeroponics, aquaponics, and hydroponic growing systems.

    After earning a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, Travel & Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Brown launched his career with Marriott International in Boston. He went on to be the GM at Morton’s The Steakhouse and then the Area Director of Operations for Kimpton Hotels and Resorts in San Diego.

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    CyborgCamp Preparty! Friday, November 2nd, 2018 from 7pm-10pm 

    We’re excited to host the pre-party for CyborgCamp 2018 at a local event space (Get your ticket for details!) We’ll have four local musical performances, each with their own unique use of technology. Doors will open at 7pm!

    7:30pm // EddyEddyEddy


    EddyEddy is a collaborative performance project by John Thompson and https://www.facebook.com/soda.d.pop

    Six years ago, Daniel and John met magically inside of an art installation. They have been creating and recreating that moment in time, and time again. Space and time are toys at their disposal.

    With the help of a couple of tiny synthesizers, Eddy Eddy Eddy celebrates the primal human pulse of sound and the absurdity of celebrations themselves.


    8:00pm // Missionandry


    Missionandry is the solo project of Erin April Cooper.

    She improvises extremely personal ambient music with guitar.


    8:30pm // Body Shame

    body-shame-sdm-records Body Shame’s self titled debut was released to critical acclaim (ranked 8 in the Top Ten Albums of 2015 by Oregon Music News and number 68 on Tabs Out’s Top 200 Tapes of 2015 list) and became one of SDM Records fastest selling releases.

    Having perfected a sought after live performance style, Body Shame has been continually gigging in the Portland area and has been frequently included in such popular showcases as Volt Divers, Cult of Volt, Live in the Depths, and The Creative Music Guild: Outset Series.

    9-10pm // Reliqs

    reese-IMG_7948-web Reliqs is all about the future of sound and how we might experience it on faraway shores. Reese Bowes is an industrial designer, multimedia artist, DJ, sound designer, and percussionist.

    Hailing from South Africa, Reliqs’ work is influenced by many genres: IDM, Jazz, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Post-Rock, and Turntablism to name a few.


    3D Scanning! (all evening)

    dave-mosier-3d-scanning-cyborgcamp-preparty Portland’s VR Church (Xhurch) resident Dave Mosier will be on hand to 3D scan volunteers!

    Dave is a Video Artist and Film Production Assistant specializing in custom analog video effects processing!

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    Announcing Klint Finley as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp! 

    Klint Finley copy

    Klint Finley is a writer, journalist, and game designer based in Portland, Oregon. He’s spent the past six years as a reporter for WIRED, where he’s covered topics ranging from net neutrality to artificial intelligence to decentralized internet platforms. He’ll be speaking about the secret corporate bot wars waging behind the scenes of the internet, and how your phone might have already been conscripted into the battle.

    Klint is a long time CyborgCamp participant and we’re excited to see him speak! He will be talking about ‘SCRAPER’ BOTS AND THE SECRET INTERNET ARMS RACE.

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    Thanks to CyborgCamp’s Media Partners! 

    FuturePrairie Podcast
    FuturePrairie will run a tea bar at CyborgCamp! They are looking for participants to interview about the future!

    FuturePrairie is a podcast about futurism run by Joni Whitworth. The show interviews scientists, creatives and techies about the future. You can read more about the project here: https://www.futureprairie.com and hear the latest episodes on iTunes or SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/futureprairie/sets Check out @FuturePrairie on Twitter for more!

    Blaze Streaming Media
    Blaze Streaming Media delivers Internet video production to the event industry and is one of the original livestream providers for CyborgCamp! We’re so excited to have the team back and Livestreaming the event! If you’re looking for an awesoem livestreaming team, consider hiring Blaze Streaming! They’re done amazing work for O’Reilly and other large conferences!

    Blaze Streaming: http://blazestreaming.com/hire-us/

    Silicon Florist!
    Silicon Florist is a long running tech-focused blog about Portland tech.
    Check it out for news and job postings! https://siliconflorist.com/ You can contribute to the Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/turoczy

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    Announcing Anthropology and Sociology Professor Deborah Heath as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp! 

    deborah-heath-cyborgcampWe’re excited to announce that Prof. Deborah Heath will be joining us for a short morning talk at CyborgCamp Portland! Heath is interested in cyborgs, food and epigenetics.

    She participated in midwifing cyborg anthropology, and attended the Cyborg Anthropology seminar in Santa Fe, NM that led to the book Cyborgs & Citadels. For several years she followed the human and nonhuman alliances involved in genetic knowledge production [cf: Genetic Nature/Culture, Univ. of California Press. Currently she is captivated by the techne and technoscience of food and drink, including the science and rhetoric of the foie gras controversy.

    Deborah Heath is a Professor of Anthropology at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She earned her Ph.D. in 1988 at Johns Hopkins University, her M.A. University of Minnesota at Minneapolis–St. Paul, and her B.A. at Reed College.

    You can learn more about Deborah at https://college.lclark.edu/live/profiles/109-deborah-heath.

    Tickets are going quickly!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

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    Announcing Shashi Jain as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp 2018! 


    We’re excited to announce that Portland-based Shashi Jain will be speaking at CyborgCamp 2018! He will give a short talk on 3D printing and AI.

    Shashi Jain is a Portland-based entrepreneur, technologist, startup mentor, and instructor. He currently serves at Intel Corporation as an Innovation Manager, pathfinding new applications for Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Outside of work, he organizes the Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup, 3D prints prosthetic hands for kids via the eNABLE community, and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship to high school students through TYE Oregon. Jain also actively mentors early stage startups. You can follow him online at @skjain2.

    RSVP for CyborgCamp Portland!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

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    Announcing Stephanie Mendoza as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp 2018! 

    Stephanie Mendoza VR Developer and Artist

    We’re excited to announce that Stephanie Mendoza, a Portland-based mixed reality developer and explorer, will be speaking at CyborgCamp Portland 2018!

    Stephanie Mendoza is an Immersive Reality developer and researcher focused on helping undeserved communities. Her primary focus is on VR/AR, Unity and WebVR (A-Frame).

    Stephanie is currently the Director of the VR Development Center at Portland Community College (cascade campus), and she’s spoken at MIT, University of Oregon, and exhibited with Portland art collective xhurch.

    You can see her work online at https://liooil.space/CV/CV.html.

    See Stephanie, and a whole bunch of other great speakers on November 3rd!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

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