CyborgCamp is a volunteer-run conference! Volunteering gets you a free ticket and a great way to meet new people! To volunteer, contact Amber Case caseorganic at gmail dot com.

Morning Set Up


Meet at the event location at 9 am


Furniture wrangling

(3 volunteers needed)

Set up breakfast and miscellaneous items

(3 volunteers needed)

Audio/Visual Setup

Afternoon Lunch Set Up


12:15 pm (while the pre-lunch presenter gets to the end of the presentation and answers people’s questions, so you won’t miss anything)

Lunch clean up:

2:15 pm (There are no major conference sessions during this time, so you won’t miss any of the featured speakers).

Tear Down

Lots of attendees will help clean up and move furniture away, restoring the location pristinely. In the past, billions of volunteers have arrived to this task, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.