CyborgCamp is an unconference, so half of the schedule will be planned on the day of the conference.

Oct. 9th, 2014
6:00pm-9:00pm CyborgCamp Preparty at Mead Hall at Kendall Square/MIT. RSVP to attend.

Note: All talks in the main room will be livestreamed (including Unconference sessions)

Oct. 10, 2014 – CyborgCamp 2014
Time Main Room | 3rd Floor Atrium (80 seats) (Livestream) Room 370 (10 seats) Room 393 (15 seats) Room 493 (15 seats) Atrium Right (20 seats)
9:00-9:45Am Doors open. Registration, Coffee, Breakfast, Networking and Setup
9:45-10:15Am Conference Begins – Morning Introductions, Speakers, Sponsors, Unconference Overview. Livestream accessible to remote attendees.
10:20-10:40Am Opening Speaker: Amber Case: Cyborgs and Calm Technology
10:45-11:05Am Featured Speaker: Deb Chachra: Grinding as Citizen Science
11:10-11:30Am Featured Speaker: Chris Dancy: Existence as a Platform
11:30Am-11:40Am 10 Minute Break
11:40-12:15Pm Unconference Planning
12:15-1:00Pm Lunch Break
1:00-1:40Pm Life After Facebook?! Future of social and the end of persistent intent?
**Recorded Livestream Video**
X 3D Printing – Unrealized opportunities around shoes and wearables Hacking Gender – Tools of Subversion and Fun How design and pictures of cyborgs are influencing our image of the future?
1:45-2:30Pm Non-Human Cyborg and Augmented Ecosystem
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Connectome. What is it, how can it be mapped, why? DRM and Corporate Control in the Age of Wearables Cyborgification of Humanity, Development of Group Consciousness – social and political change?
2:35-3:15Pm Notifications, Filtering, Prioritizing
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Surrounding ourselves with moving things – tech/robots How to Make a Map about Everything I Think Neverending Tour of the Media Lab Selective Recording and Amnesia
3:15-3:30Pm Afternoon Break
3:30-4:15Pm Networked Mortality
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Virtual Reality Economic Rationality and Being a Cyborg X
4:30-5:15Pm Time Collapse, living in the relentless now
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Speech Visual Biofeedback Demo Selfies – Reducing the Bill of Materials for Efficient Grinding Cyborg and Immortality Lawyers, Courts, and Data
5:20Pm-6:00Pm Conference wrap up, sponsor thanks, and cleanup
6:00Pm Conference Over

Want more? Come to IndieWebCamp Cambridge a conference on the future of data ownership! It runs two full days from 10/11/2014-10/12/2014.