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  • Amber Case 6:51 pm on October 23, 2018 Permalink
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    Thanks to CyborgCamp’s Media Partners! 

    FuturePrairie Podcast
    FuturePrairie will run a tea bar at CyborgCamp! They are looking for participants to interview about the future!

    FuturePrairie is a podcast about futurism run by Joni Whitworth. The show interviews scientists, creatives and techies about the future. You can read more about the project here: and hear the latest episodes on iTunes or SoundCloud here: Check out @FuturePrairie on Twitter for more!

    Blaze Streaming Media
    Blaze Streaming Media delivers Internet video production to the event industry and is one of the original livestream providers for CyborgCamp! We’re so excited to have the team back and Livestreaming the event! If you’re looking for an awesoem livestreaming team, consider hiring Blaze Streaming! They’re done amazing work for O’Reilly and other large conferences!

    Blaze Streaming:

    Silicon Florist!
    Silicon Florist is a long running tech-focused blog about Portland tech.
    Check it out for news and job postings! You can contribute to the Patreon here:

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    Announcing Anthropology and Sociology Professor Deborah Heath as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp! 

    deborah-heath-cyborgcampWe’re excited to announce that Prof. Deborah Heath will be joining us for a short morning talk at CyborgCamp Portland! Heath is interested in cyborgs, food and epigenetics.

    She participated in midwifing cyborg anthropology, and attended the Cyborg Anthropology seminar in Santa Fe, NM that led to the book Cyborgs & Citadels. For several years she followed the human and nonhuman alliances involved in genetic knowledge production [cf: Genetic Nature/Culture, Univ. of California Press. Currently she is captivated by the techne and technoscience of food and drink, including the science and rhetoric of the foie gras controversy.

    Deborah Heath is a Professor of Anthropology at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She earned her Ph.D. in 1988 at Johns Hopkins University, her M.A. University of Minnesota at Minneapolis–St. Paul, and her B.A. at Reed College.

    You can learn more about Deborah at

    Tickets are going quickly!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

  • Amber Case 4:08 pm on October 13, 2018 Permalink

    Announcing Shashi Jain as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp 2018! 


    We’re excited to announce that Portland-based Shashi Jain will be speaking at CyborgCamp 2018! He will give a short talk on 3D printing and AI.

    Shashi Jain is a Portland-based entrepreneur, technologist, startup mentor, and instructor. He currently serves at Intel Corporation as an Innovation Manager, pathfinding new applications for Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Outside of work, he organizes the Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup, 3D prints prosthetic hands for kids via the eNABLE community, and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship to high school students through TYE Oregon. Jain also actively mentors early stage startups. You can follow him online at @skjain2.

    RSVP for CyborgCamp Portland!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

  • Amber Case 3:26 pm on October 7, 2018 Permalink
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    Announcing Stephanie Mendoza as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp 2018! 

    Stephanie Mendoza VR Developer and Artist

    We’re excited to announce that Stephanie Mendoza, a Portland-based mixed reality developer and explorer, will be speaking at CyborgCamp Portland 2018!

    Stephanie Mendoza is an Immersive Reality developer and researcher focused on helping undeserved communities. Her primary focus is on VR/AR, Unity and WebVR (A-Frame).

    Stephanie is currently the Director of the VR Development Center at Portland Community College (cascade campus), and she’s spoken at MIT, University of Oregon, and exhibited with Portland art collective xhurch.

    You can see her work online at

    See Stephanie, and a whole bunch of other great speakers on November 3rd!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

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    CyborgCamp Portland Registration is Live! 

    We’re looking forward to running CyborgCamp 2018 in Portland, Oregon at Pacific Northwest College of Arts! Register today – tickets will sell out quickly!

    Register here:


  • Amber Case 3:29 pm on September 20, 2018 Permalink  

    CyborgCamp 2018 at Saturday, November 3rd at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! 

    We’re excited to announce that CyborgCamp Portland will be held on November 3rd at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Keynotes and unconference sessions to be announced soon! We’ll have an Eventbrite link up to reserve tickets in a couple of weeks. For speaker suggestions, please tweet @caseorganic!

    Please mark your calendars for the opening party on Friday, November 2nd, and for the Cyborg zine-writing workshop on Sunday, November 4th!

    Get your tickets now!
    Ready to come to CyborgCamp? Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2018 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon! You can get your tickets here.

    What’s a CyborgCamp?

    CyborgCamps are small, in-depth unconferences about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. Attendees discuss a variety of topics such as the futures of identity, privacy, surveillance, hardware to wetware, drones, 3D printing, cyberpunk, human augmentation, constructed reality, the second self, ethics, robot rights, sexuality, urban design, and anthropology. Topics are discussed the morning of the conference and scheduled into the conference grid by attendees themselves, making it a DIY conference experience.

    In addition to the above topics, the following has been discussed at CyborgCamps around the world: cyborgs, wearables, prosthetics, sensors, control systems, assistive tech, transcendence, transhumanism, technological singularity, artificial intelligence, intelligence amplification, utopia / distopia / weird topia, identity, quantified self, exocortex, ubicomp, robots, sensory augmentation, steam punk, philosophy, ethics, intelligence, the borg, hackerspaces, telepresence, science fiction, DIY, cryonics, cybernetics, open source, nanotech, augmented reality, brain-computer interface, artificial life, functional electrical stimulation, and neural science. Each CyborgCamp has its own mix of topics created by what the attendees want to discuss. All CyborgCamps follow a Code of Conduct.

    CyborgCamps are Small

    CyborgCamps generally have less than 100 attendees, making it easier to have more in depth discussions with people across different fields. The small format increases the chances getting to really know your fellow attendees.

    CyborgCamps are Diverse

    Every CyborgCamp welcome people from different backgrounds, including social, business, academic and trade-related. Just as cyborg studies sit at the crossroads of multiple academic disciplines, we like to invite people at the crossroads of different disciplines and boundaries as well.

    CyborgCamps are Designed by Attendees

    At CyborgCamp, attendees make the conference. Some attendees come prepared with ideas of what they want to talk about, and others come to listen and learn. Some attendees have relevant experience and prepared talks, and others just have a woolly idea needing discussion. At the start of the conference, attendees write their ideas up on a board and the conference begins!

  • Amber Case 5:17 pm on January 13, 2015 Permalink
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    CyborgCamp Breakout Session Videos are Live!


    These videos are from the breakout sessions in the main room at CyborgCamp MIT 2014, Oct. 10, 2014.

    1:00-1:40Pm: Life After Facebook?! Future of social and the end of persistent intent?

    1:45-2:30Pm: Non-Human Cyborgs and Augmented Ecosystem

    2:35-3:15Pm: Notifications, Filtering, Prioritizing

    3:30-4:15Pm: Networked Mortality

    4:30-5:15Pm: Beyond Time Collapse, living in the relentless now

    Thanks to @aaronpk for livestreaming the event, and capturing these videos for posterity!

    Schedule 2014 at MIT Media Lab

    CyborgCamp is an unconference, so half of the schedule was planned on the day of the conference.

    Oct. 9th, 2014
    6:00pm-9:00pm CyborgCamp Preparty at Mead Hall at Kendall Square/MIT. RSVP to attend.

    Note: All talks in the main room will be livestreamed (including Unconference sessions)

    Oct. 10, 2014 – CyborgCamp 2014
    Time Main Room | 3rd Floor Atrium (80 seats) (Livestream) Room 370 (10 seats) Room 393 (15 seats) Room 493 (15 seats) Atrium Right (20 seats)
    9:00-9:45Am Doors open. Registration, Coffee, Breakfast, Networking and Setup
    9:45-10:15Am Conference Begins – Morning Introductions, Speakers, Sponsors, Unconference Overview. Livestream accessible to remote attendees.
    10:20-10:40Am Opening Speaker: Amber Case: Cyborgs and Calm Technology
    10:45-11:05Am Featured Speaker: Deb Chachra: Grinding as Citizen Science
    11:10-11:30Am Featured Speaker: Chris Dancy: Existence as a Platform
    11:30Am-11:40Am 10 Minute Break
    11:40-12:15Pm Unconference Planning
    12:15-1:00Pm Lunch Break
    1:00-1:40Pm Life After Facebook?! Future of social and the end of persistent intent?
    **Recorded Livestream Video**
    X 3D Printing – Unrealized opportunities around shoes and wearables Hacking Gender – Tools of Subversion and Fun How design and pictures of cyborgs are influencing our image of the future?
    1:45-2:30Pm Non-Human Cyborg and Augmented Ecosystem
    **Recorded Livestream Video**
    Connectome. What is it, how can it be mapped, why? DRM and Corporate Control in the Age of Wearables Cyborgification of Humanity, Development of Group Consciousness – social and political change?
    2:35-3:15Pm Notifications, Filtering, Prioritizing
    **Recorded Livestream Video**
    Surrounding ourselves with moving things – tech/robots How to Make a Map about Everything I Think Neverending Tour of the Media Lab Selective Recording and Amnesia
    3:15-3:30Pm Afternoon Break
    3:30-4:15Pm Networked Mortality
    **Recorded Livestream Video**
    Virtual Reality Economic Rationality and Being a Cyborg X
    4:30-5:15Pm Time Collapse, living in the relentless now
    **Recorded Livestream Video**
    Speech Visual Biofeedback Demo Selfies – Reducing the Bill of Materials for Efficient Grinding Cyborg and Immortality Lawyers, Courts, and Data
    5:20Pm-6:00Pm Conference wrap up, sponsor thanks, and cleanup
    6:00Pm Conference Over

    Want more? Come to IndieWebCamp Cambridge a conference on the future of data ownership! It runs two full days from 10/11/2014-10/12/2014.

  • Amber Case 8:38 am on October 11, 2014 Permalink

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab 2014

    CyborgCamp MIT Wrapup

    Thanks to everyone for attending CyborgCamp at MIT Media Lab! We had a full room of people and a lot of great sessions. From Networked Mortality to hacking gender, quantified life to time collapse, there were plenty of interesting discussions for everyone.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Amber Case Calm Technology Keynote

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Amber Case Calm Technology Keynote photo by Chris Dancy

    Amber Case gave a talk on Designing Calm Technology as part of the opening sessions.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Atrium

    3rd Floor Atrium of the MIT Media Lab was a great venue for the event.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Networked Mortality Data and Death

    Session on Networked Mortality Data and Death. Where does our data go when we die? Photo by Ben Werd.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Lego

    CyborgCamp attendees take a break to build new architecture out of Legos in the Media Lab atrium.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Unconference Session

    Attendees add to and check out the unconference grid at CyborgCamp.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Unconference Grid

    One of the Unconference sessions at CyborgCamp.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Keynote

    Deb Chachra gives an engaging and informative talk on Grinding and Citizen Science as part of the CyborgCamp morning session.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Unconference Session

    Another unconference session at CyborgCamp.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Chris Dancy Keynote

    Chris Dancy gives a keynote on quantified life.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Tantek Çelik

    CyborgCamp participant Tantek Çelik computes through cyborg glasses while listening to an unconference session.

    CyborgCamp MIT Media Lab Closing Session

    CyborgCamp organizers Willow Brugh and Amber Case close the conference.

  • Amber Case 6:26 am on October 9, 2014 Permalink
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    CyborgCamp at MIT Media Lab is tomorrow morning!

    CyborgCamp is a hybrid conference/unconference taking place from 09:00 to 18:00 on October 10th, 2014. The majority of the conference will be created and scheduled by you!

    MIT Media Lab

    Pre-Event Thursday Night Social

    Meet other CyborgCamp attendees at Mead Hall in Kendall Square! We’ll have a cash bar and lots of interesting people to talk to. Make sure to RSVP for the event!

    Date: Thursday, Oct 9, 2014, 8-11p.
Address: Mead Hall 4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142

    Directions to the Venue

    MIT Media Lab is located at 75 Amherst St., (corner of Ames and Amherst). Google Maps and Eventbrite seem to think it’s elsewhere. Don’t listen to the robot if it tells you to go elsewhere – it’s testing you for the robot uprising.

    Via the T
    Disembark at the Kendall MIT stop on the Red Line. If your pre-Kendall stop is Central, be on the last train car, go up the stairs, to the tee in the road, look right. That big shiny aluminum and glass building is the Media Lab. If your pre-Kendall stop is Charles MGH, be at the front of the train, cross the street (you should have the MIT bookstore on your left), go to the end of that road, and look right.

    Bike Racks are prolific. You’ll be fine.

    Parking is sparse. It’s best to park at a distant T stop and take transit in, but if you need to drive, there are pay-to-park lots super close to the Media Lab.

    Venue Details

    CyborgCamp will be held in the 3rd floor atrium.
    Come up two flights of stairs, or use the elevator.

    Main Event Schedule

    09:00 Doors and registration.
    Coffee and breakfast from Clover (light vegetarian fare)

    09:45 Conference begins.
    Conference introduction and three featured talks. You can take a look at the scheduled speakers here

    Invite your friends to join in on the livestream starting at 9am EST Oct 10, 2014 at Note that only sessions in the main hall will automatically be streamed.

    11:40 Unconference session planning
    The rest of the conference is in the hands of you, the attendees! We’ll go over the idea of an unconference and allow plenty of time for unconference schedulding. Please come with an idea of what you’d like discussed, either to lead or contribute. You’ll be able to write down your session idea and put it on the board.

    12:15 Lunch

    13:00 Unconference sessions begin
    Screens and whiteboards will be available in each breakout session in rooms 493, 393 and 370. It’s encouraged that people in the breakout groups create a video stream for remote participants, and link to it on the relevant session page.

    17:20 Conference closing and wrap-up.

    18:00 Conference ends!

    Twitter Hashtag

    Want to Tweet or Instagram during the conference? Use #cyborgcamp. You can also mention @cyborgcamp in your tweets!

    IRC Channel

    Discuss across sessions and with remote participants via the CyborgCamp livestream page or at #cyborgcamp on!

    Conference Notes

    We’ll have etherpads ready for attendees to take notes on. You’ll be able to get to one for each session from the CyborgCamp schedule page on the day of the event.


    MIT Guest is an open, speedy network. No hoops here.


    CyborgCamp presentations and unconference sessions in the main atrium will be livestreamed, and many images will be taken of the event. If you prefer to not be photographed, please reach out to the organizers to make arrangements (which can be done anonymously).

    Questions? Issues?

    Reach out to either @willowbl00 or @caseorganic on Twitter. Livestream questions? Contact @aaronpk.

  • Amber Case 4:42 pm on September 24, 2014 Permalink
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    Speaker Announcement: Deb Chachra!


    Exciting news! Deb Chachra will be speaking at CyborgCamp MIT!

    Grinding as Citizen Science

    In this talk, Chachra will talk about some of the commonalities and differences between implanting and testing medical implants for commercial use and for individual use. She’ll cover some of the basics of biomedical materials, and some principles that grinders could use in planning and describing their experiences in order to help build a shared body of knowledge in the community.

    About Deb Chachra

    Debbie Chachra is an Associate Professor of Materials Science at Olin College of Engineering, outside Boston. Her research and teaching interests include biological materials, materials for implants, and design. Her favourite molecule is collagen. You can follow her on Twitter @debcha!

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