Announcing Interaction Designer, Deaf Musican and CymaSpace founder Myles de Bastion as a morning speaker at CyborgCamp! 


We’re excited to confirm that Myles de Bastion will be performing and giving a talk at CyborgCamp!

Myles de Bastion is an Artistic Director, Musician and Creative-altruist who develops technology and art installations that enables sound to be experienced as light and vibration. His work has appeared in the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland Art Museum, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. He has built large format installations for music festivals and Grammy-award winning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding.

A dual citizen of the UK and the United States, Myles grew up in England obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from University of Teesside (UK), focusing on computer science & visual art and was the chairman of the Musician’s Society for two years.

Myles often mentors Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing youth. He has taught workshops at Washington School for the Deaf (WA) Crestone School (OR) Austine School for the Deaf (VT) and at the world’s first Deaf Music Camp (MI), where he developed the curriculum and was responsible for the music and sound program.

In 2012 Myles moved to Portland OR and founded CymaSpace, a non-profit that facilitates arts & cultural events that are inclusive of the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing, where Myles further developed his immersive technological and artistic works across multiple mediums. In 2015 Myles took his concepts into the commercial sector and founded Audiolux Devices, a technology company that now produces professional products featuring the synergy of light and sound.

In 2018 Myles spearheaded the Northwest Deaf Arts Festival (OR) providing Artistic & Technical Direction. At the event he also performed and presented The ikigai Machine; a multimedia experience comprising of a visual narrative with interactive art installations juxtaposed with live performances. The work tells the story of an inventor born in a silent world that has no air, the inventor builds a machine to restores air and in turn, helps to world to discover sound for the first time. Myles is developing The Ikigai Machine into a full, feature-length, touring production with the aim of presenting and performing at disability hubs and art institutions throughout the nation.

In tandem with his work at CymaSpace, Myles has received awards and support from Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon Cultural Foundation and Randall Charitable Trust.

Myles continues to live in Portland with his partner Kimberly and CODA daughters Zebra & Juniper. You can learn more about Myles and his work here.