Adron Hall to speak on Coding Cyborg Clouds at CyborgCamp Portland 2012! 


New Speaker!

We’re excited to announce that Adron Hall will be talking about Coding Cyborg Clouds at CyborgCamp Portland 2012!

What’s a Cyborg Cloud? You’ll simply have to attend and see!

Adron is also sponsoring CyborgCamp through his blog, Composite Code.

About Adron Hall

Adron is a jovial, TDD, BDD, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, cloud advocate, distributed systems junkie. Adron’s brain runs the gamut of dev stacks from Ruby on Rails, Node.js and .NET. I’ll admit a favorite is JavaScript with a dose of Node.js these days. He’s passionate about devops and especially PaaS (Platform as a Service) Technologies. Adron loves to get involved in hackathons, user groups, and other tech community events.

You can follow Adron at @adron on Twitter.