CyborgCamp Breakout Session Videos are Live!


These videos are from the breakout sessions in the main room at CyborgCamp MIT 2014, Oct. 10, 2014.

1:00-1:40Pm: Life After Facebook?! Future of social and the end of persistent intent?

1:45-2:30Pm: Non-Human Cyborgs and Augmented Ecosystem

2:35-3:15Pm: Notifications, Filtering, Prioritizing

3:30-4:15Pm: Networked Mortality

4:30-5:15Pm: Beyond Time Collapse, living in the relentless now

Thanks to @aaronpk for livestreaming the event, and capturing these videos for posterity!

Schedule 2014 at MIT Media Lab

CyborgCamp is an unconference, so half of the schedule was planned on the day of the conference.

Oct. 9th, 2014
6:00pm-9:00pm CyborgCamp Preparty at Mead Hall at Kendall Square/MIT. RSVP to attend.

Note: All talks in the main room will be livestreamed (including Unconference sessions)

Oct. 10, 2014 – CyborgCamp 2014
Time Main Room | 3rd Floor Atrium (80 seats) (Livestream) Room 370 (10 seats) Room 393 (15 seats) Room 493 (15 seats) Atrium Right (20 seats)
9:00-9:45Am Doors open. Registration, Coffee, Breakfast, Networking and Setup
9:45-10:15Am Conference Begins – Morning Introductions, Speakers, Sponsors, Unconference Overview. Livestream accessible to remote attendees.
10:20-10:40Am Opening Speaker: Amber Case: Cyborgs and Calm Technology
10:45-11:05Am Featured Speaker: Deb Chachra: Grinding as Citizen Science
11:10-11:30Am Featured Speaker: Chris Dancy: Existence as a Platform
11:30Am-11:40Am 10 Minute Break
11:40-12:15Pm Unconference Planning
12:15-1:00Pm Lunch Break
1:00-1:40Pm Life After Facebook?! Future of social and the end of persistent intent?
**Recorded Livestream Video**
X 3D Printing – Unrealized opportunities around shoes and wearables Hacking Gender – Tools of Subversion and Fun How design and pictures of cyborgs are influencing our image of the future?
1:45-2:30Pm Non-Human Cyborg and Augmented Ecosystem
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Connectome. What is it, how can it be mapped, why? DRM and Corporate Control in the Age of Wearables Cyborgification of Humanity, Development of Group Consciousness – social and political change?
2:35-3:15Pm Notifications, Filtering, Prioritizing
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Surrounding ourselves with moving things – tech/robots How to Make a Map about Everything I Think Neverending Tour of the Media Lab Selective Recording and Amnesia
3:15-3:30Pm Afternoon Break
3:30-4:15Pm Networked Mortality
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Virtual Reality Economic Rationality and Being a Cyborg X
4:30-5:15Pm Time Collapse, living in the relentless now
**Recorded Livestream Video**
Speech Visual Biofeedback Demo Selfies – Reducing the Bill of Materials for Efficient Grinding Cyborg and Immortality Lawyers, Courts, and Data
5:20Pm-6:00Pm Conference wrap up, sponsor thanks, and cleanup
6:00Pm Conference Over

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