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  • Willow Bloo 2:15 pm on August 10, 2012 Permalink
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    DIY Cyborg Prize 


    Sensebridge wants to sponsor a $1000 prize for innovations in wearable “cyborg” devices. It would go to a new or pre-existing DIY electronics/software device which augments humans in some way. This session is to discuss the details of how exactly the contest should work: the rules.

    Potential rules include: video submission requirements, working prototype requirements, Instructables requirements, writeup requirements, etc. What’s required, what’s optional, and what’s value add? Should there be money for second place? Different categories each with some prize money? Should people be able to vote on the coolest projects? (if so, is there good software to manage that?).

    About Eric Boyd

    Eric Boyd co-founded sensebridge.net and sensebridge.com, where he sells wearable electronic senses and electronic jewelry. Products include the North Paw, which is a compass anklet that vibrates to tell you where north is, and the Heart Spark, a pendant that flashes lights in time with your heart beat. Eric lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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    The Future is Now: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface 

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your colleague’s phone could SMS its location to you? If you know position and velocity, you know when they’ll arrive. The result: the interface disappears. No redundant actions or queries. The same software could turn your lights on as you approach the house. Or automatically “check in” to certain locations for you. Or leave a note for yourself the next time you’re at the store.

    In the presentation, Geoloqi founder Amber Case will highlight why developers of apps should look at what users want to do now, as well as what users want to do in the future, why social apps should try to mirror real-world relationships, why sharing should be about who you share with as well as how long you’re sharing, and why developers should think about how to make apps “ambient” and require less user interaction.

    About Amber Case

    Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist studying the interaction between humans and technology. She is the founder of Geoloqi (geo-low-key), Inc., a company bringing the future of location to the world. She’s spoken at TED and around the world, and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, WIRED and more.

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    Announcing CyborgCamp Seattle 2012! 

    CyborgCamp Seattle is Back!

    CyborgCamp is an unconference about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. We’ll discuss topics such as social media, design, code, inventions, web 2.0, twitter, the future of communication, cyborg technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy.

    Where and When?

    Jigsaw Renaissance
    815 Seattle Blvd S.
    Seattle, King, WA 98134 (map)

    September 8th, 2012 from 10:00am to 21:00pm.

    Register Now!

    You can get your tickets while they’re still available at cyborgcampsea12.eventbrite.com/. We hope you’ll join us!

    Want to Speak or Sponsor?

    We’d love to have you as a sponsor or speaker! Simply get in touch with Willow. Want a free ticket? We’re now accepting blog entries on topics related to cyborg culture in exchange for tickets. Want to speak? Send us a speech descriptions to apply as a guaranteed speaker!

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    Sponsor Raffle: Babeland 

    This makes me giggle every time I think about how appropriate it is.

    CyborgCamp Seattle is proud to announce sponsor Babeland!


    Babeland has donated a grab-bag (worth $30) to be raffled off at the event. Each attendee gets a ticket, and additional tickets can be purchased for $1 a pop.

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    Featured Speaker : Ian Hanschen on How Augmentation Helps In Real-World Scenarios 

    Ian Hanschen is a cyborg bent on world-domination. He has the jack to prove it. Come hear how he went from single-sided deafness to stereo hearing in the normal hearing range in both ears. Then hear his plans on world domination!

    You can see Ian’s work and thoughts at Escape Hatch Labs. We’re excited to have Ian at CyborgCamp Seattle!

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    CyborgCamp Seattle 2010 Venue 

    We are pleased to announce our venue will be at Jigsaw Renaissance, located at 1026 Madison Avenue in Seattle’s First Hill. Jigsaw is our first sponsor, and is opening up its doors for free to CyborgCamp.

    A gorgeous space just now being settled into by the group, it has high ceilings, huge windows, and will comfortably seat CyborgCamp attendees. While parking is sparse, it is free on Sundays and there are parking lots nearby. Within blocks you can find a convenience store, Sugar Bakery, The Hideout, pho, The Corner Cafe, and many other venues.

    Looking forward to seeing you out!

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    Featured Speaker : Amber Case on The Field of Cyborg Anthropology 

    I’m honored to announce our first verified Featured Speaker : Amber Case.

    Presentation, Discussion and Analysis: The Field of Cyborg Anthropology


    Cyborg Anthropology is the study of the interaction between humans and computers, and how the capabilities of our bodies are extended externally and uploaded into hypertext. We are all Cyborgs. Increasingly, we are purchasing and discarding extensions to our selves. We’re also becoming an interface culture. How we interact with machines and technology in many ways defines who we are. Cyborg Anthropology is a lens with which to understand what’s happening to us in a world mediated by dynamic objects, processes and change.

    The shape of a site’s architecture makes people move, and the flow of people shapes how a site transforms over time. Profiles and avatars allow users to represent themselves asynchronously—that is, they are another extension of connection and etiquette that can be optimized or used poorly. These extensions of presence allow people to be accessed when they aren’t even there. Each of us is becoming a celebrity cyborg; a famous machine.

    This session will be part presentation, part discussion, and part analysis. Comments, deconstructionist thoughts and debates are welcomed. Help be a part of a new and evolving field of study.

    Hailing from PDX, Case is the founder of CyborgCamp, and has spoken at Ignite, MIT, Gnomedex, and many other events. You can find her at caseorganic.com. We’re thrilled to have her!

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    We’re officially on! 

    We’re pleased to announce that Cyborg Camp Seattle 2010 will take place July 18th, 2010 from 10a to 5p.

    It will be hosted at Jigsaw Renaissance, but as they are currently finding new space, the address is as-of-yet uncertain. Check back for more details!


    If you’re on Facebook, the invite page is here.

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